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I am Shweta, here today I am going to tell you about the NTA SELF DECLARATION FROM 2023 PDF DOWNLOAD |Rules related to NTA exam.

The NTA (National Testing Agency) self-declaration form is a document that individuals are required to fill out and submit for certain examinations conducted by the NTA. This form serves as a declaration by the candidate, affirming the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided.

The purpose of the NTA self-declaration form is to ensure transparency, integrity, and accountability in the examination process. By signing the form, candidates acknowledge their understanding of the rules and regulations set by the NTA and agree to abide by them.


The specific contents of the NTA self-declaration form may vary depending on the examination and its requirements. However, typically, the form includes the following elements:

  1. Personal information: Candidates are asked to provide their personal details, such as their full name, address, contact information, and identification number.
  2. Examination details: Candidates need to specify the examination they are applying for, including the name of the test, the examination session, and any other relevant details.
  3. Declaration statement: The main section of the form consists of a declaration statement that candidates must read, understand, and agree to. This statement usually includes affirmations about the accuracy of the provided information, adherence to examination rules, and consent to disciplinary action in case of any misconduct.
  4. Signature and date: Candidates are required to sign the form to validate their declaration. The date of signing should also be included.

It’s important to carefully read and understand the contents of the NTA self-declaration form before filling it out. Ensure that all the information provided is accurate, as any false information or misrepresentation may result in disqualification or other penalties.

To obtain the specific NTA self-declaration form for the examination you are applying for, I recommend visiting the official website of the National Testing Agency or the examination’s dedicated webpage. There, you should be able to find the most up-to-date version of the form, along with any accompanying instructions or guidelines provided by the NTA.

If you have any doubts or questions regarding the form or its completion, it’s advisable to contact the NTA directly for clarification or assistance.

How to fill Self Declaration Form?

To help you fill out a self-declaration form, I’ll provide you with a general guideline. Please note that the specific requirements may vary depending on the purpose and organization requesting the form. It’s always best to refer to the instructions provided with the form itself. Here are the steps to fill out a self-declaration form:

  1. Read the form: Carefully review the entire form to understand the information required and any specific instructions or guidelines provided.
  2. Personal information: Fill in your personal details at the top of the form, such as your full name, address, contact number, and email address. Include any other relevant information requested, such as your date of birth or identification number.
  3. Purpose of declaration: Identify the purpose of the self-declaration. This could be related to your health, criminal record, employment, or any other specific matter. Ensure you understand the purpose clearly before proceeding.
  4. Statement or declaration: In the main body of the form, you’ll find a statement or declaration that you need to agree to or affirm. Read the statement carefully and ensure you understand its meaning. If you agree with the statement, you’ll typically need to sign and date the form to confirm your agreement.
  5. Supporting information: Depending on the purpose of the self-declaration, you may be required to provide supporting information or documentation. For example, if the form is related to your health, you might need to attach medical records or a doctor’s note. If it pertains to your criminal record, you might need to provide details of any offenses or legal proceedings.
  6. Additional details: Some self-declaration forms may include sections where you need to provide additional details or explanations related to the declaration. Fill in these sections as required, providing accurate and complete information.
  7. Review and proofread: Once you have completed filling out the form, review it carefully to ensure all the information is accurate and complete. Check for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading is important to ensure the form is professional and credible.
  8. Sign and date: If there is a signature line, sign the form in the designated area. Write the date next to your signature to indicate when the declaration is made.
  9. Attachments: If you are required to provide any supporting documentation or attachments, ensure they are securely attached to the form. Make sure you follow any instructions regarding the format or organization of attachments.
  10. Submission: Once you have filled out and reviewed the form, follow the instructions provided for submission. This could include submitting the form online, mailing it, or hand-delivering it to the appropriate recipient.

Remember, the above steps are a general guideline, and you should refer to the specific instructions and requirements provided with the self-declaration form you are filling out.


National Testing Agency

Organization NameNational Testing Agency
Short NameNTA
MottoExcellence in Assessment
EstablishedNovember 2017
PurposeTo conduct various entrance examinations nationwide
nta self declaration form 2023 pdf download


Rules related to NTA exam:

  • This time, Roll No will not be attached to the seats. Invigilator after seeing the details from the admit card will show the candidate their respective seat.
  • Thumb impression needs to be done from home, so as to prevent using of the same ink pad.
  • Attendance will be taken manually, no biometric attendance is there.
  • Mask will be provided at the exam centre, so candidates needs to change their own mask and wear out the given one.
  • 50ml hand sanitizer only in transparent bottle and transparent water bottle is to be allowed.

NTA Self Declaration Form 2023

When to apply for net exam 2023?

UGC NET 2023 Dates
UGC NET 2023 Notification Date29 December 2022
UGC NET 2023 Registration Starting Date29 December 2022
UGC NET 2023 2nd Phase Registration Last Date17 April 2023
UGC NET 2023 Exam Dates13th to 22nd June 2023
UGC NET 2023 Registration.

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