2 Arrested for local shooting during NHPD reviews reporting procedures at New Haven Schools

New Haven Schools were closed on Monday forced after a shootout between 2 cars block behind Science Hill

Police have also recovered four firearms, including one linked to the shooting

Due to a miscommunication between police dispatch, the shootings prompted a lockdown of schools across the city

The Board of Education security team, which led the BOE to believe that an active shooter was inside the New Haven school

A 19-year-old from New Haven & an 18-year-old from Bridgeport, have both been charged with carrying

A weapon in a motor vehicle criminal, carrying high-capacity magazines & motor vehicle theft

The department has recovered 23 kiosks around the area of the shooting

They also obtained a find warrant to discover the Newhall St. house

Received 2 more firearms that police suspect are also involved in shootings around the city