Afghan Universities Reopen but Women are still Banned

Male students went back to their classes on Monday at Afghan universities after the winter break, but women were stopped by Taliban authorities

Rahela from the central province of Ghor said -It's heartbreaking to see boys going to the university while we have to stay at home,"

"This is gender partiality against girls because Islam allows us to get higher Education.No one should stop us from learning."

Taliban government imposed the ban after accusing women students of ignoring a strict dress code

 Being required to be accompanied by a male relative to travel to & from campus

Many Taliban officials say the ban on women's education is temporary,but despite promises

 They have failed to reopen secondary schools for girls, which have been closed for more than a year now

 They have come up with various excuses for the closure - from a paucity of funds to the time need of the hour to remodel the curriculum on Islamic lines

Women have been dropped from many government jobs or given a fraction of their former wages to stay at home

They are also barred from visiting parks, fairs, gyms and public baths, and must cover themselves in public

No country has yet Officially recognized the Taliban government