The Prevalence of Emergency Teaching Permits is Criticized

The Prevalence of Emergency Teaching Permits is Criticized

Educators warn that untrained teachers come into the classroom with serious pitfalls, concerns

Paul Farmer understands the need to issue Emergency Teaching Permits

When he started teaching biology & chemistry at Monroe County Community School Corp,35 years ago, He got a permit so he could teach physics as well

According to Mundi, a Kokomo school board member & former teacher relaxing emergency-permit requirements is only exacerbating

A problem created by Republican state legislators who have cut Education funding over the years

 Set Unrealistic Expectations for Teachers have Born 

“If the supermajority knows that what they’re doing is great for the schools

Will increase test scores & do all these things, it should have started happening by now,” they said

The farmer agreed, noting that the state teachers union has told legislators for years

 That, their education policies would drive teachers out of the profession

Now, filling those vacancies with untrained teachers does not amount to a solution ,he argued