Phlip repeated the criticisms related to education in the Paducah program 

Claiming she intends to “dismantle” both the Kentucky Board of Education

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kelly Craft took aim at those systems at a campaign event in Paducah Tuesday

Craft allocated significant time to address education workforce readiness & promotion of technical schools to perceived burdens on teachers 

Like“using  pronouns” — and a commitment to end “the Critical Race Theory and the left ‘woke’ ideology 

“Families are, extremely concered , that their rights taken to make decisions about their child’s education have been taken away

Craft also talked about substance use and its effects on the workforc

As well as her family’s experience when she said her daughter used substances

Police in making arrests — She called for more support from the justice system

Judges when sentencing for drug offenses, but also talked about  the need to give who use substances “a safety net” when they’re released from imprisoment