Harvard University President Lawrence S.Bacow is ready to Travel to Jordan, Israel

Palestine during the spring break of the University by Julian J.Giordano

Palestine at the end of this month is one of his last international trips before leaving office later this month

He will speak to colleagues on March 11 at the five-star Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Amman, Jordan, 

Two days later, on March 16 Bacow would attend a similar event at the Carlton Hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel,

Before meeting with Palestinian alumni at a restaurant in Ramallah, a city in the West Bank

In Haifa, Bacow will meet personally with university colleagues the spokesperson Confirmed

According to the spokesperson. Bacow cancelled the trip in view of the country’s outgoing efforts to recover from several recent Earthquakes

Miller wrote “We hope that Bacow’s visit to the country reveals the ground reality in Israel

 Inspires Bacow to counter the students’ efforts to expose Israel as a Country worthy of Boycott,”