House & Senate think about several bills focused on education

The long lists passed by the House included Four education bills    — CHARLESTON, W.Va.

 The Senate introduces another version of the bill to promote math literacy & numeracy in the early grades

It was redrafted to be similar to SB 274, which is still sitting in the House while its moves to the Senate

It is built on the understanding that “students who do not demonstrate grade-level expertise in reading

Maths by the end of 3rd grade become less likely to succeed at each successive grade level & often before graduation''

Includes the Grow Your Own West Virginia Pathway to Teaching Pilot Program

A three-year pilot program for those interested in education careers, from high school to a post-secondary degree

Charter schools may set their own staffing qualification & certification requirements

Per student, the basic allowance will go from 90% to 99% and will include state, federal and local share funds

The Home County Board will keep the remaining 1% for administrative expenses