Ohio State Senate Approves Education Reform

A Republican-proposed overhaul of Ohio K-12 education & decision-making on academic standards, model curriculum

School district ratings cleared the state Senate on Wed's with a vote along party lines

Oversight of the state’s Education Department would shift from the State Board of Education to a Director appointed by the Governor

A similar bill failed to garner after other proposals were tackled in the final days of the final session of the GOP-led Legislature’s

Banning transgender girls from playing girl sports and creating protections for unvaccinated K-12 kids

That joint proposal was opposed by Democrats & received mixed reviews from Republicans

Sen. Bill Reineke, of Tiffin, said in past testimony that the bill has several goals, including ensuring accountability & transparency within Ohio’s education structure

Also, help meet the state’s workforce needs by making students more aware of career paths other than a 4-year degree

Supporters of the bill, together with Republican Gov. Mike DeWine, hail it as a way to reform a failing, disorganized system

which they say is mired in political infighting among school board members

It Has been very slow to address issues such as declining student achievement lack of transportation & chronic student absenteeism during the pandemic

Opponents of the measure, including present-day school board fellow