Pay Equity reached For School Librarians And Science Technicianse

Education Minister Jan Tinetti said - Government is recognising the important work of school librarians

 Library assistants & science technicians with a historic pay equity settlement signed, Today

The agreement includes salary increases of up to 40 % for more than 1,200 librarians 

library assistants and around 400 science technicians

“For school librarians and library assistants, the new pay equity rates will see them receive an average pay increase of about 10 to 38%

Jan Tinetti said for science technicians salaries would increase by 20 to 40%”

“These are the 5th & 6th pay equity settlements that have been reached in the education sector & across workforces in Aotearoa New Zealand 

As Education Minister & Minister for Women I & the Government strongly support the principles & objectives of pay equity

We are also proud to be pioneered a number of initiatives aimed at raising the status of women in Aotearoa New Zealand, not just through pay equity

“I would also like to commend the honesty of NZEI Te Riu Roa with whom they have investigated & negotiating these claims

I have no doubt that your representative is proud of the result they have achieved,” said Jan Tinetti