Students & professors investigate the Impact of Eaporation  Education

Dr Gary Padgett collaborating on research with some of his students

Discover the Effectiveness of STEAM Education in 7th-Grade Classrooms Using Aquaponics

With an educational background, Padgett has always been interested in making an impact in the Education sector

For Research,7th-grade students will design and build their own aquaponics system

Sheffield Junior High School will raise goldfish, they will only harvest plants

Students will also monitor the nitrogen circle on a small, controlled scale

STEAM learning system, which intertwines Science,Technology,Engineering, Arts & Math lessons design for 7th Grade students will be

Taught by undergraduate research team in a range of subject areas, all of whom will involve in aquaponics in some way

project is also designed to scale teachers’ perceptions of collaboration

Dyar believes that student's feedback on their participation in the project is integral to the success of the research